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Three Pass Concepts for Your Young QB

Providing your quarterback with multiple options on a different pass play will significantly raise the potential for more explosive plays within your offense. Always keep 'em guessing!

One of the biggest pet peeves that I have with offensive coordinators of youth football teams (10u and younger) is the dreaded “One Man Route.”

It is 3rd and long, and one receiver is releasing from the line of scrimmage and into the secondary. While your offense may experience situational success with “one man routes”, it is important for your quarterback’s development and the growth of your offense to incorporate pass concepts with multiple options for your quarterback.

Within youth football, defenses have trouble containing 2-3 different receivers and by introducing various concepts that place horizontal (think sideline to sideline) and vertical (think end zone to end zone) stress on the defense, it provides the potential for big plays in the passing game for your offense.  

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