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Teaching the Rip Move in Youth Football

The rip move can be an effective move, but it’s critical that it is combined with the pressing block destruction. This allows the defender to put the blocker on the back foot and control contact.

The rip move is a great way to deal with a blocker while still maintaining your responsibility. The key to the rip move is the timing of the move and the overall physicality of the player.

If the player uses the rip move without ever being physical or misses the timing it can be a disaster. On the other hand, if a defender adds the rip move as a secondary tool to defeat a block and works his timing it can give him a valuable tool to deal with blocks.

The thing that allows the rip move to work is the defenders physicality. In order for the defender to successfully rip through a block he must present enough of a threat of destroying the block the blocker will load up and attempt to throw a physical block.

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