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Taking the Read Out of the Jet Read


If your Quarterback struggles with this read it can sink the play, unless you find a way to clean up the read for the Quarterback.

A guiding principle in coaching football is to do what your players are good at. If your players are not able to complete their assignments on each play, then the play will never work. While skill development does have a significant role in the improving these skills, it’s equally important to focus on the plays that your players are already good at. This is even more important when dealing with a Quarterback as they are the only player on the offense who will touch the ball and make a decision on almost every play.

Jet Read (reading C-gap defender) 

One of the most difficult plays to defend in modern football is the Jet Sweep. The Jet Sweep puts one of your fastest players with the ball on the edge with a full head of steam. As a result, the defense must stop the player before he breaks contain or risk giving up a huge gain.

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