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Six Must-Have Plays for Every Youth Football Offensive Playbook

Make sure your receivers are involved with blocking this play as well. Have them find work and never stand around. Quarterbacks must carry out fakes to help keep defenders home.

For coaches at the high school, college and pro levels, where jobs are tied to winning, championships set the bar for greatness. But youth coaches have a much higher calling. Your duty is to develop these young players and – even more importantly – leave a lasting impression with them that encourages their love of the sport.

For a youth coach, the focus is on winning tomorrow, not today. Some coaches get caught up in running fancy offenses that they only partially understand. Some try to mimic what their high school team is running. So what's the right offense to run at the youth level? The best gift you can give these players and future coaches is to run an offense that teaches “football plays.” 

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