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Single Back Gt Counter Scheme and Counter Read Play

This is not only good for that play but can also lead to dominate players being frustrated which can make them play undisciplined.

The Single Back GT Counter is one of the most effective schemes in football. On the front-side of the play it uses angles and down blocks to create a wall. On the backside of the play the Guard and Tackle pull to kick out and become the lead blocker. The effect is a play where the offense uses angles on the front-side and then brings more numbers over to dominate the point of attack.

GT Counter Flip Tag 

One thing that makes the GT Counter Scheme so interesting is the ability to use different tags to change the different roles of players. One of our favorite tags is the Flip Tag where the Quarterback become the Counter Runner and the F is threatening the perimeter on the backside to hold the backside defenders. 

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