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Parker Nork’s Legacy of Great Sportsmanship Lives On

The awards recognize student-athletes who have distinguished themselves through demonstrated acts of sportsmanship and ethical behavior.

Parker Nork’s legacy lives on. His family has made sure of it – and with good reason. “He made everybody smile and loved everyone he knew and met,” said Parker’s mother, Kim, who on March 11, 2017, had to say goodbye to her son as he passed from this life at 9 years old, just three weeks after a leukemia diagnosis. “He was so young, but so respected by other kids and coaches on his teams. Even other teams’ kids and coaches respected him. He was a very kind soul, the sweetest boy.”

Despite their heartbreak, but with overwhelming support from the Manahawkin community, Kim, her husband, Pete, and daughter, Payton, decided giving back to a community that had given them so much was the best way to keep Parker’s memory alive – and Parker’s Army was born.

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