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Organizing Your Playbook as a Defensive Coordinator

As a whole these are the only blitzes you need. If your players are able to master these blitzes that frees them up to work on the techniques of each position instead of going through a million different blitzes every practice.

A key component of being a coordinator on either side of the ball is being organized. When you are organized you have the ability to streamline the learning process for your players and allow them to learn the essentials.

This, in turn, gives them more reps working on the specific skills they will need so they can become efficient at these skills.

In order to prepare for the season there are a few questions that you have to ask yourself.

Organizing Your Playbook as a Defensive Coordinator

The first question is what is your base alignment. This is also known as your front. I look at defensive schemes as having three major categories. 

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