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NFL Chicago Bears Play CFL Montreal Alouettes

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On this day, in 1961 the Chicago Bears of the NFL beat Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League 34-16 in a exhibition game in Montreal.


  August 5, 1961

Sport: Football


The CFL’s Montreal Alouettes hosted the NFL’s Chicago Bears at Molson Stadium in Montreal on Aug. 5, 1961, in one of several exhibition games played between teams from both leagues since 1941.

The first half of the game was played under Canadian Football League rules (three downs to pick up a first down and 12 players per team), while the second half used NFL rules (four downs and 11 players on each side). 

Chicago trailed 9-7 before scoring 27 consecutive points in a dominating second half to roll to a victory. 

The game is most notable for the bench-clearing brawl that led to four player ejections following a late hit by an Alouette player on Bears tackle Stan Fanning. 


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