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Managing Pee Wee football site is no small task

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Dallas-area webmaster Alicia Ponce keeps information flowing to appreciative parents

Webmaster of the Week: November 23-29

Alicia Ponce

Mansfield Pee Wee Football Association

Webmaster, publicist, team mom coordinator

Ponce grew up in Houston, where she attended Scarborough High School, before marrying and settling in the Dallas area. A hair stylist, Ponce said she “very rarely has a spare minute to myself” during the work day. Still, she found the time last spring to migrate the Mansfield Pee Wee Football site to the Sport Ngin platform, spending an estimated 60 hours working through the setup process. Ponce is in the third year of her four-year stint as the association’s publicist. “I really don’t know that much about computers,” she said. “All that I have created on that website is through trial and error.” Mansfield is located in the southern Dallas/Fort Worth suburbs, and its Pee Wee football association has about 300 football players (including Ponce's sons Noah, 10, and Nathan, 8) and and 110 cheerleaders. Ponce said her goal is to put as much information on the website as possible. “Not that I mind answering questions,” she said. “But I feel like the more information I put out there, the less e-mails and calls and questions I am going to get.”

Ponce manages the association’s registration, inputs the team’s schedules and scores and set up the site’s home page using a variety of page elements, including the Media Slider to display recent photos. She set up an FAQ page that answers questions such as, “What equipment do I need to purchase?” She posted a cute Family Funday video of kids showing some improvised dance moves on the Videos page

Ponce said the Sport Ngin mobile app has been a big hit with parents, and she ensures all games have a URL to a map in the Location URL field on the game page. “Parents love to be able to see the directions on their phone,” Ponce said.

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