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Learn From Your Parenting Mistakes

Think back to every team you cheered for and try to think of a few things you said or did that you wish you could take back.

As I was biking one morning I started thinking about my top five mistakes as a youth sports parent. It didn't take me long to come up with about 20 (it was a short ride). From that list I managed to narrow it down to five. And then I decided to try and determine my absolute worst moment.

That one was actually an easy decision. It was an incident where I approached a coach during a game about running the score up on the other team. It was my son's coach running the score up, it wasn't the first time and I had seen enough. I calmly and quietly moved down the bleachers toward the bench and just said, “Maybe you should call off the dogs, coach?” The coach gave me an earful.

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