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Learn How to Defend the 20 Personnel Run Game

Our nose is going to key the center and play what we call a “lag” technique. This means the nose is going to engage the center and play the back half of the center’s block.

Today we are going to talk about 20-personnel run fits. We are going to talk about our 3-4 odd fronts and how we fit it against the run. Then, we are going to talk about how we fit the 20-personnel sniffer out of a 4-man front as well as some pressures we like out of our odd front.

Base Structure

In our odd front, the base we are going to set the front is towards the passing strength. We have two different outside linebackers in our defense. It is almost like a hybrid 4-2-5. Our Sam/Nickel is going to be more like a hybrid safety than a true Sam linebacker because he’ll be asked to have safety-like responsiblities due to some of the coverages we play with him.

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