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Learn How to Create Explosive Plays in the Passing Game Like the Kansas City Chiefs

When installing pass concepts, always keep in mind the importance of attacking defenses at all levels of the field.

During the 2018 season, the Kansas City Chiefs had the most explosive offense in the NFL.  They led the league in points per game, points per play, yards per play, and yards per pass attempt.  Their quarterback Patrick Mahomes threw 50 touchdown passes, which ranks 2ndall-time in touchdown passes in a single season behind Peyton Manning’s 55 during in 2013.  Today, we look at three concepts that helped the Chiefs be so explosive in the passing game.


Protection-wise, the left side of the offensive line and center slide left and the right side mans up on the defensive tackle and defensive end.  The running back motions from the quarterback’s right to his left and lines up right behind the left tackle.  

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