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It’s Like Pushing a Car up a Hill

So, it’s okay to do things that you don’t really love every day. You know, you don’t have to be real passionate about it sometimes for it to be meaningful and important.”

Former bodybuilding champion John Brown has the winning formula for raising great athletes. All three of his sons earned Division I football scholarships (to Notre Dame, Stanford and USC, no less) and the oldest, Equanimeous, was drafted by the Green Bay Packers earlier this year and is already making impact plays. On top of that, all three of them carried 4.0 GPAs through high school and they all speak three languages.

We took the time to talk to Brown about raising his phenomenal family earlier this year and he opened up about out his secret to success. When Brown talks about not being lazy, he’s not only referring to his children.

Brown believes that most people, most notably here – parents, are inherently lazy and that is one of the most telling factors as to if your child will succeed or not. 

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