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The Importance of Team Building Activities

They’re kids. They’ll grow as teammates, but they also have a great opportunity to grow as friends through football.

During the season, a football team spends a lot of time together.  NFL players and coaches have always talked about the how they spend more time with the team than they do with their own families.  In youth football, it’s not that extreme but you get the picture.  Let’s say there is practice three to four times a week and then you add in game-days. Youth football teams also probably spends about ten hours a week together. 

That’s a lot of time and that’s just the time they spend on the football field and perhaps watching some film.  But sometimes it takes more than just the work you put in between the white lines that can bring a team together and to build team chemistry.  In my experience as a youth football parent, I’ve seen examples of team building through activities that take place off the field.

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