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How to Use Motion to Stress the Defense

Again the key to any offense is to appear complex while keeping things as simple as possible for your offense.

We have talked multiple times about the importance of creating an offensive system that looks complex to the opponent but is simple for your players to master.

One way to achieve this easily is by using the formation system we described in the previous article to create multiple formations while limiting learning for the majority of your players. We take the same system and apply it to motions.

Motion can be a great tool to stress the defense. Similar to unique formations, motion forces the defense to adjust its rules and adapt to the formation quickly. If you have a motion heavy offense, most defenses will have its players to start thinking about how they will react to motion before it occurs. 

The effect is that players are more focused on how they will adjust to combat the motion so they are sound against the formation instead of focusing on the play and how they plan to stop it.

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