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How to Kick Field Goals


The bottom line was that ‘control’ became key in soccer-style kicking. Field goal kickers were much better able to ‘feel’ the ball on the foot when using the instep rather than the toe.

It seems like there is a "how to" website for just about anything one could possibly want to learn these days, including how to kick field goals.

Indeed, there is no magic button for most beginners learning to kick. Like any other skill worth pursuing, doing this one well takes time, patience and dedication to learn.

Before we teach kids how to kick field goals, we generally start with a much more basic question which is, "How to kick?" 

The question is then, "Can you kick at all"? Do you have the coordination and general feel for a kicking motion using the instep (rather than the toe). If the answer is yes, then you can probably learn how to fine tune that soccer style swing to kick a football. 

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