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Gap vs. Zone Run Blocking Schemes


One of the key elements of this scheme is the running back. In the Zone scheme the running back has to be able to understand the blocking assignments and how they fit into his path.

In football there are two main types of blocking schemes. These two are Zone Schemes and Gap Schemes. These are both effective schemes and can be very good for teams, but as a play caller it’s important to know the strengths and weaknesses of each scheme and how they fit into your toolbox as a play caller.

Zone Blocking Scheme 

A Zone scheme is based around the idea that the line will be responsible for the gap to the side the play is going. They are not blocking a man but an area. This means that they will run their path and deal with any defender that shows up. The idea with this scheme is for the offensive linemen to stay attached to the defender that is in their zone. 

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