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The Fastest Ways to Run the Football


With the older kids, Rocket Sweep is a great play to build you offense around. Plays like Trap and Belly hit very quickly and complement the Rocket Sweep very nicely.

There’s an old saying in sports and that is “speed kills”! Obviously having fast athletes will greatly improve the likelihood of success, but even if you do not have an abundance of team speed, you still can play fast. Teams that are able to play fast have a much greater chance of success.

Here are the Fastest Ways to Run the Football | 6 Football Plays

Jet Sweep

In my opinion, the Jet Sweep is one of the best plays in youth football. It’s a fast hitting play that will allow you to attack the edge of the defense very quickly. Not only is Jet fast hitting, it also only requires you to block 2-3 defenders in order to gain big time yardage. It’s a great play if you struggle up front. There are also several great complementary plays off of Jet. Giving your best athlete the ball on Jet Sweep will allow him to get in space very quickly. 

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