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Exploiting Defenses With the Tover Formation

While this isn’t a base offense for us, it does create some major problems for the defense to adjust for. The result is a complete package that presents major matchup issues for the defense.

There are a few things that defensive coaches hate. One of them is tight ends and another is unbalanced formations. These are two things that are relatively easy for offenses to add but cause the defense to make major changes to account for them. When they are combined the whole defense can be sent out of wack and have problems aligning soundly.

By adding a tight end the offense can force the defense to account for another gap on the line of scrimmage. This can change the rules of the defensive front and how they fit into the coverage. Something as simple as a wing putting his hand in the ground can have massive impacts on a defense and cause them to change and adjust their alignment, which in turn affects the secondary.

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