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Defending the Jet Sweep Play


When preparing for a team that runs the Jet Sweep it’s critical the defensive coaches make sure the players know who is the Force Defender and Near Deep Defender in every formation.

The Jet Sweep is a difficult play for any defense to defend. The heart of what makes the Jet Sweep so difficult to defend is the play design. The play is designed to get the the ball in one of the offense’s most dynamic players hands on the edge quickly. Because of the speed of the motion, it’s critical that the defense has a clear understanding of who the Force player is so that they can come up and make the tackle.

Defending the Jet Sweep Play

To truly understand how to stop the Jet Sweep it’s important to understand a few key roles in defensive football. These key roles are Force Defender and Near Deep Defender. In any defense each side of the formation needs a Force Defender and a Near Deep Defender.

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