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Defending Four Verticals in Youth Football

In order to effectively stop the four verticals concept, without sacrificing stopping the running game, the answer is to teach the alley players to play through the number two vertical on their way to the flat.

As the spread offense continues to move across the country and create an impact at all levels defensive coordinators are forced to stop it. In order to truly understand how to stop the spread offense you must understand that everything in the spread stems from the four verticals passing concept.

If you are able to effectively stop the four verticals with a one high safety you have the numbers advantage necessary to shut down the spread.

In reality shutting down the Four Vertical concept is not overly difficult. The most effective way to defend the passing concept is to put two safeties deep and have the cornerbacks play a sag man coverage against the No. 1 receivers. The effect is a four-wide net the receivers can’t get past. 

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