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Create Space for Your Playmakers by Installing the Grand Canyon Play

Our receivers are very strong blockers so we like this match up, but if you didn’t you could always run one receivers on a Go route to take one of the defenders with him.

We believe in creating space for our playmakers. We have a deep held belief that if we get the ball to our playmakers and they are matched up against a defender one on one, our playmakers will make good things happen. We go about this in a variety of different ways but our Grand Canyon play is one of the most efficient ways of doing this.

Create Space for your Playmakers by Installing the Grand Canyon Play

On our Grand Canyon play we start with our Trips Stack alignment. We love this alignment because it really stresses the defense on how they will cover our number three receiver to the trips side. We stack our receivers wide to force the Cornerback to move all the way out to the edge of the field. 

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