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Coaching the H Back in the Spread Offense

The key in coaching the H Back in the Spread Offense is creating a simple set of rules and limiting the amount of skills they need to learn.

The H Back is one of the most difficult positions to coach because of its versatility and the amount of different skills they must learn. For an H Back to be truly successful they must know the entire run game and the complete passing game. This allows them to be a threat not only in the run game, where they can handle the larger defensive linemen and linebackers, but also in the pass game where they can exploit a match up and gain easy yards.

In order to effectively coach the H Back it is critical that you must be a great teacher. As a coach you must be able to take a complex position that has a variety of different roles and condense them down into a clear picture for the players. We have found the best way to do this is to create base rules that serve as defaults.

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