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Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes Surprises Youth Team at Shopping Event

“I know how much it means for every single kid, just to be around (them) and get to see that I’m just a normal dude, too.”

People typically refer to the “Patrick Mahomes Effect” in a football context. The record-setting beginning to his career as a starting quarterback has elevated expectations on the field, injected a seemingly boundless amount of excitement to the Chiefs’ fan base and the city and turned the second-year pro into a rock star locally.

For Adrion Roberson on Tuesday night, the Mahomes Effect took on an even more powerful and wonderful form, evident in the way the faces of 15 youth football players lit up and their eyes twinkled. Meanwhile, Roberson, the CEO and co-founder of KC United Youth Sports and Education Initiative had to fight back tears starting to form in his eyes.

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