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Celebrating the Small Successes

Reaching ultimate success in football is a process, especially at the youth level. You don’t have a fifty-yard run for a touchdown, the correct blocking scheme, a good center to quarterback exchange, a completed pass, a clean and solid tackle, an effective pass rush, or the right coverage overnight. It can take time.

Sometimes the little things are the hardest things to master. When something goes right, there is reason to smile and it will help the kids have fun. 

So, when it comes to having fun playing football, especially in the early stages, it’s a good practice to celebrate something that goes right. There will be a time down the road where that achievement will not be celebrated because it will be expected. Anything that can be challenging for young players starting out is an accomplishment worth noting. As the level of play increases, the celebrated accomplishments will rise as well.

For example, when that ball is successfully delivered by the center to the quarterback’s hands without the ball hitting the ground, it’s okay to be excited about it because it’s not an easy thing to do. 

Down the road, the celebration will increase from just a successful snap to a successful play. This is another indication of how baby steps are an important part of progressing in the game of football.

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