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California Youth Football Alliance: Join the Fight to Save Youth Football

Tackle football uniquely integrates these values due to the intellectual, emotional, social, and physical requirements of the sport.

In February of 2018, a legislative measure AB 2108 (the Safe Youth Football Act-California) was created but failed to be submitted to the committee for consideration because of the efforts of the Save Youth Football Coalition (Save Youth Football California).

Heading into 2019, make no mistake, youth football is still under attack. There have been five states that presented legislation that would ban tackle youth football for kids under 12. In New York and New Jersey the proposed measures are still being considered.

With that said, the leaders of the Save Youth Football California have created an alliance and are ready to fight for the great sport of youth football.

Youth Football Online has partnered and fully supports the efforts of the California Youth Football Alliance. We recently conducted an interview with the founder of the California Youth Football Alliance.  Read below to learn about the alliance and join the fight to save youth football!

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