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Basic Knowledge About Reads


This is a good practice until he gains experience in pre- and post-snap reads is the beginning of a good teaching tool for all coaching staffs and quarterbacks.

There are many types of reads for quarterbacks to learn during their football career. Here, I will cover and explain some of the basic reads. First, quarterbacks must be able to read defensive coverage and schemes. This is called a pre-snap read. This is a continuous learning process throughout a quarterback’s career. With the pre-snap read, the time clock must be a factor. Let’s start with the entry read for all inexperienced quarterbacks.

This is called the middle read, which is a basic play.

This read is designed to help all inexperienced quarterbacks by teaching them to get a pre-snap read and become familiar with multiple defensive coverages that are presented. On this read, the quarterback has one receiver to throw the football to and lock on. If for any reason the No. 1 receiver is covered, the quarterback should check down to the running back or run. That’s it! 

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