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Attacking the Defense With the Slot Jet Sweep Series

When the offensive play caller can develop a series and understands how to exploit the defensive adjustments, the defense is put in a difficult position.

The jet sweep is the perfect tool for deception. It puts an immediate threat on the edge of the defense that opposing players to react and adjust if they don’t want to allow one of the fastest players on the field get to the edge.

The effect of the defense adjusting to this motion is almost always to open an inside run, as long as the offense is in a position to take advantage of it.

The slot jet series all begins with the jet sweep. When we run slot jet we will have the line block power to the jet side. This will have the effect of pulling the play-side linebacker forward if he is making the correct reads.

We have the play-side running back use the arch technique to block the outside shoulder of the C Gap player to ensure that the jet sweep man can get to the edge.

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