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Aerial Perfection: How to Become a Serial Thrower

When doing quarterback throwing drills for accuracy, often bags or other targets can take the place of athletes. If you do not have enough athletes around, for example, you can use stand up bags.

I have heard it time after time:
“My kid can throw the football a country mile.” 
“He has got a cannon for an arm.”
“He throws a great deep ball.” 

That is all good, BUT is he accurate? It means nothing if he cannot hit his intended target on the run and squeeze the football through a window the size of a bar room dartboard. 

Not only that, but can you be accurate while speed freaks are trying to vaporize you while you are looking downfield for an ally. Defensive pressure is a truth teller on accuracy.

Yeah. This is where the herd of cannon arms starts playing a different position. So, the question is how do you obtain serial perfection throwing the football. Answer: throw the ball over and over again. Remember there are only 32 starting quarterbacks in the NFL.

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