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4–3 Defense Blitz Package With Man Free Coverage

Blitz off of the edge. Pre-snap show man to man coverage, once the QB begins his cadence he comes down and blitzes on ball movement.

The 4-3 Defense allows you to be multiple and it also allows you to implement several different kinds of blitzes. There are several different types of coverages that can be implemented as well. Below is our 4-3 Defense Blitz Package with man free coverage. These blitzes all start with the letter S. This tells our defenders that the (SS) Strong Safety and (S) Sam linebacker are coming on a blitz. These 2 blitzes are all 6 man pressure concepts. This is just how we call our blitzes, you can change the names to fit you team’s language and scheme. These are excellent blitzes against spread formations.


Storm is a blitz that attacks the off-tackle of the defense. It’s very similar to an overload blitz because this blitz is sending defenders through each blitz-side gap. When the DE slants out, it should create a free lane for the (SS).

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