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Fun Flag Football Drills to Teach Your Child At Home

flag football

With football season fast approaching, your child might be showing an interest in playing pee wee or youth football this year. It can be challenging to feel comfortable allowing your child to play, given the health risks of youth tackle football. Luckily, flag football offers a much safer option than tackle football, while still letting your child have all the fun that comes with the game.

A great way to get your child excited and ready for the flag football season is to get them started practicing youth flag football drills. These drills can help your child hone their skills and can be an excellent way for them to have a good time with their friends after an adult shows them how to run through the drills correctly.

If you don't know how to help your child get better at flag football or are looking for good flag football drills, then you've come to the right place. We've compiled some of the best flag football drills below so your child can reach their highest potential, all while staying safe and having a great time!

Passing Drills

The quarterback is arguably one of the most critical players on the field, as every offensive play runs through them. They get the ball snapped to them, they hand it off to their running back, they can run the ball themselves, and, most importantly, they pass the ball to their teammates.

Since the quarterback position is so popular, most kids will at some point want to try to their hand at the position. As such, passing drills help players get used to the primary responsibility of the quarterback — throwing accurate passes. 

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