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Exercise Tips To Help Kids, Teens and Families Stay Balanced at Home

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Some parents and athletic organizations are already making plans for how to keep kids active without schools, organized practices or games to fall back on.

It’s no mystery that exercise boosts mental health and cognitive function in kids.

Along with countless other sobering repercussions, COVID-19 jeopardizes kids’ physical activity at a time when the emotional benefits that exercise provides are sorely needed. With school closures, suspension of team practices and the imperative to stay home and away from others, children and teenagers (and their agitated parents) will have to find other ways to keep moving. 

Julie McCleery at the University of Washington College of Education and the King County Play Equity Coalition created a list of activities as a direct response to COVID-19 related social distancing measures, Some of those ideas are included in this list of resources from teachers, parents and experts on keeping kids moving while school is out.

For young kids:

Going outside to exercise is fine as long as other people aren’t close by, says Carolyn Cannuscio, who heads up research at the Center for Public Health Initiatives at the University of Pennsylvania.

For kids who may not have access to yards or parks, Hip Hop Public Health offers in-house alternatives. The online site promotes healthy eating and exercise through music and teaches hip hop dance moves to kids of all ages

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