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Establishing Values for a Great School Year for Student-Athletes

The beginning of every school brings excitement and anticipation. This year we add uncertainty and, perhaps, some concern as student-athletes return to school.

What will the new school year bring for your family? What new things will happen? What goals will be met? What progress will be made?

Why not sit down as a family and establish some core values to focus on in the 20-21 school year? If you take the time to think through it and agree upon it as a family, those core values could become an important part of your family culture for many years.

Why are Your Family Core Values Important?

Whether you teach your child values or not, they will learn them. Either from you, from the media, from teammates or from other adults (like coaches) in their life. And the absence of value teaching is still teaching a value–that anything goes when it comes to values.

What is going to be the voice in your child’s head when you are not around?

What is going to be a compass that guides their decisions and choices in the future?