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An Easier Way to Time Your Athlete's Races On Your Phone

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It's that day your swimmer has been training for all year and dreaming about all week. The horn blows, the race begins, and Johnny is off to the races. It's the 400 free! He touches the wall and looks back at his time, he swam a 4:43.53. He jumps out and asks you, "What are my splits?"

Unless you have an expensive stopwatch you won't know until results are posted. BUT, did you know that OnDeck, the mobile application you already use to access your swim team's info, has a way to time races and even post unofficial times the whole team can see? Best of all, it just got a big facelift and we want to show you around.

If your swimmers are committed to attend a meet and approved, you can go right into the Events > Events & Meet Entriesarea of OnDeck.

Tap RUN by the Meet you are at and select the swimmer you want to time. OnDeck will then list their events; you can add Heat and Lane assignments if you want.

Tap the Event you want to time and there's your stopwatch. Go ahead and tap START. Use LAP to save splits! (Use MODE to adjust lap length).

Once completed, you can tap the blue stopwatch to view splits and even compare to time standards (tap the arrow in the lower right). These are saved as unofficial times and will even show up for your coach to see if they choose.

How cool is that?! A fun way to see how fast your child swam, what their splits are, and even the ability to compare them to national and age group time standards. And, if you are at home and your coach is timing the meet using OnDeck for your swimmer, these times will show up in your OnDeck application. Now, the next time your swimmer finishes a race, you can run over and give the complete breakdown, without skipping a beat.

There is a lot of other great tool stacked inside OnDeck that make meet days fun and entertaining. For a full walkthrough of the Run Meet functionality, you can visit our University guide for administrators at

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