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Leadership Spotlight - Lauri Harris, USA Cheer

Lauri Harris - Leadership Spotlight

Getting to know the leaders in youth sports and what drives them each and every day. Along with some recommendations for your next book, TV show, or podcast. Want to be highlighted here? Tell us a little about yourself—we’re always looking for great people to highlight every month!

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Let's get to know Lauri Harris from USA Cheer:

1. Someone I follow on social media that you should go follow right now is ______

Mel Robbins

2. What are you currently reading?

Just finished "The One Thing"

3. What are you currently binging on?

Just finished Madame Secretary and watching The Morning Show

4. What are you listening to?

Mostly podcasts or jamming out to 80's music when I work out

5. What is your go-to leadership quote?

"Under promise, over-deliver."

6. What is your favorite sports memory?

Anything to do with the Olympics and triumphant stories of overcoming obstacles

7. Favorite athlete of all time and why? 

I really like Michael Jordan and Joe Montana - I loved how they excelled in their fields not just with skill but with strong leadership.

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