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Stay-At-Home Basketball Games



Ultimate Hoops compiled a list of their favorite backyard and driveway basketball games to try from home. These games only require only one to two people. If you are without a hoop at home, try substituting a bucket or nerf hoop.


Equipment: Basketball, basketball hoop, chalk or cones.

Players: 1+

How to play: 

  • Create an obstacle course out of objects from home.
  • Add different skills within the obstacle course, dribbling, shooting, passing, footwork slides.
  • Players are timed as they facilitate the course. Fastest time wins, if only one player try to beat your previous time.

Course equipment & setup ideas

  • Garbage can or chair to use as a defender to move or shoot around
  • Jump ropes or hula hoops
  • Draw an agility ladder with chalk
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