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MSR Rule: "Our Team is Only as Good as Our Weakest Link"

Skylar Diggins stars for her team, but her dad teaches her an important lesson

As a six-year-old, Skylar plays co-ed basketball. That means boys and girls play on the same team. 

On her team, she is the only girl, and her teammates do not pass her the ball in the first game.

But Skylar hustles, rebounds and scores and clearly establishes herself as the team's top player.

With her team trailing in one game, Skylar blocks the shot -- of a teammate!

"What are you doing?" her teammate asks.

Skylar did not think that teammate was going to make the shot, and she felt she should have taken that important shot. 

Her father, though, makes clear Skylar cannot win games alone. He also reminds Skylar that she sometimes makes mistakes, too. 

This is not the actual text from the chapter but rather an abridged version. 

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