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How to Properly Warm Up Before Playing Basketball


Opposed to standing stretches routine, the dynamic exercise keeps the player focused rather than daydreaming while standing still and losing all the momentum created in the warmup before.

Doing a proper warmup before any kind of sporting activity is essential but it is even more important in a physical demanding sport like basketball. Over the years, coaches have tried different methods to improve the performance of basketball players. One aspect that is hugely overlooked is the importance of a proper warmup or the important part it has in boosting the performance of the players.

And this raises the unavoidable question of what’s the proper way to warm up a player before competition. For years in a row, it was mutually accepted that a brief warmup with some stretching while being static is the best way to go. But is this method the best one or even beneficial? Can it really prepare the muscles for the intense action of a basketball match or is there an alternative?

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