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How 3-point Shots Can Open Scoring Lanes


It can be easy for young basketball players to be tempted by the 3-point shot. For starters, it’s worth more points than a layup or a mid-range jump shot. It’s also a favorite of NBA stars like Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and James Harden. Combined with the rise of analytics in basketball, the 3-pointer has completely evolved the game and made it much harder for defenses to counter a balanced offensive attack.

Young basketball players would be wise to take time with their progression. The best way to become a long-distance shooter is to first master shots closer to the hoop. However, there’s no denying the value of the 3-point shot. When they have the arm and leg strength to make it a part of their game, young basketball players with a solid foundation in 2-point shooting should spend lots of time practicing from deep.

Coaches have the responsibility of teaching not just the basics of the game, but also more advanced facets of basketball such as 3-pointers. They can use sports team websites to outline good shooting drills and show video of players with the best shooting form.

How 3-pointers changed the game

According to ESPN, the 3-point shot has altered the way that defenses must prepare for the opposition. With more and more effective 3-point shooters lurking on the perimeter, there’s now much more room in the lanes. This has opened up a wide range of opportunities for players who thrive in the paint.

“At one point a few years back, Tim Duncan looked like he was done. No one even doubled him anymore,” ESPN analyst and former NBA player Tim Legler told the news outlet. “But once he could start kicking the ball out to shooters, the lane opened up and he was able to score again. A couple of years ago, Tony Parker led the league in points in the paint. Doesn’t happen without the 3-point line opening up the lane for him to get to the rim.”

Coppin State tops Morgan State with array of 3-pointers

The Coppin State men’s basketball team recently defeated Morgan State 88-77 by making 12 of 21 3-pointers in the game, the Baltimore Sun reported. Sterling Smith scored a game-high 21 points and teammate Taariq Cephas added 20 points of his own. The pair combined for nine 3-pointers, but the victory was a collective effort.

“It was pretty good to have three, four or five guys clicking at once,” Smith told the news outlet. “That’s what let us take the lead.”

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