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Going Beyond Individual Gain

Basketball Team Huddle

It can be quite difficult for young athletes to understand the concept of teamwork when they are first learning the game of basketball.  They idolize the best players in the NBA, and these professionals typically score at least 20 points per contest and have the ball in their hands for the last shot of the game. This can create some challenging habits for young ballers.

Coaches would be wise to teach not just drills and the fine points of the game itself, but also the merits of teamwork. Young athletes should understand that their team has the best chance of success when they are bringing out the best in others. For example, Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks and Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers would trade their high point totals for more team success any day. Organizations such as the Chicago Bulls and the San Antonio Spurs understand this concept quite well.

With sports team websites, coaches can outline examples of unselfishness from some of the best players in the world. This could give youngsters a better understanding of what it takes to share the ball and achieve collective success. These are values that could have a lasting effect on a young basketball player.

High school team in Delaware preaches teamwork

The William Penn High School basketball team has emphasized unselfishness this season, according to USA Today. After finishing with an 8-12 record last year and a 2-18 record two years ago, the team is off to a 14-4 start.

“The most important thing for us was trying to get the guys to believe in a different concept,” coach Steve Christensen told the news outlet. “We tried to get them to rely on each other to be successful.”

Hagerstown girl’s team heads to regionals

The Hagerstown girl’s basketball team from Maryland will participate in the Class 2A regional tournament, according to USA Today. Senior Tawni Brown said that getting to this point was the team’s goal from the very beginning of the season.

“The word team typifies this group,” Hagerstown coach Chris Oliger told the news outlet. “You don’t know from night to night which player is going to step up. They always do it for each other. It’s something these girls have always prided themselves on. It’s a good situation to have. They are truly a team who have had each other’s back and will always be there for each other.”

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