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Basketball Drills to Do At Home

basketball at home

It seems like there are always excuses that we can come up with when we aren’t fully committed to something; some excuses may even seem legitimate. One of the biggest excuses that comes up when basketball training is mentioned is not being able to get access to a gym. Having the proper facility can make a big difference when it comes down to training. However, there are some great drills that can be done at home in your driveway, garage, etc. as well. So even if you don't always have access to an indoor gym, you can still be working on your game.

All you need is a basketball and a flat hard surface to work on your game. Here are some great basketball drills to do at home as well as some exercises o help improve your skills and athleticism as a basketball player.

One Ball Dribbling Drills

These drills are going to work on game-specific moves that you can use in a game, as well as your overall handles. The key for these dribbling drills is to make sure that you are pushing yourself and getting out of your comfort zone. Another important key to these types of dribbling drills is to work on change of pace and visualizing the defender in front of you. Don't practice your moves like a robot, but instead work on changing up your speeds and you will be a lot harder to guard in a game.

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