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The Bank Shot - A Shooter’s Best Friend

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The bank shot is a dying craft, but it can still be lethal. Take Tim Duncan, power forward with the San Antonio Spurs, for example. The future Hall of Famer, nicknamed “The Big Fundamental,” has made a living out of soft shots off the glass. When you combine Duncan’s height, intelligence, timing and touch, you get his bank shot - arguably the most unstoppable weapon in his legendary arsenal.

Young NBA players have been trying to model their game after Duncan for many years. Of course, even with some flashes, few come close to approaching his greatness. Yet despite the difficulty of reaching Duncan’s level, coaches would be wise to teach their youngsters about the bank shot. From the right spot on the floor, it can be a shooter’s best friend. Through team websites, coaches can break down Duncan’s mechanics and the fundamentals of this useful offensive tool.

Rising star polishes his own bank shot

Anthony Davis, power forward with the New Orleans Pelicans, is one of the most promising young players in the NBA. He has elite athleticism, strong shot blocking ability and seemingly limitless potential. However, he’s still working on his bank shot. In a recent game against the Denver Nuggets, he put the experiment to work, according to Grantland.

“I work on that shot all the time in practice and pregame, but in game, for whatever reason I just never use it,” Davis told the news outlet. “When I did it that night, I couldn’t really see the hoop, but I could see the glass. I thought it was a good time to use it. It’s an easier shot than I thought it would be. You could see a little bit more of the bank shot.”

Top prospect hopes to learn from Duncan’s former coach

Joel Embiid might be a center, he might be a power forward. Right now, it’s hard to say. The rookie is injured and hasn’t yet played a single NBA game. However, he knows that his head coach used to work with Duncan. Now Embiid wants to develop his bank shot, New Jersey On-Line reported.

“Coach [Brett] Brown coached him, so that is something I want to learn,” Embiid told the news outlet. “They had the same system with the Spurs. I am going to grow into a player like that.”

The bank shot might be a dying breed. Yet while it isn’t exactly trending, it’s still a very useful strategy. Coaches should be sure to teach young athletes how to use to use the glass to their advantage.

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