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What Happened the Day My Son Got His First Ever at Bat…

As I was watching him celebrate from across the field, with tears running down my face, I realized this is what Little League should be about.

So, my 9-year-old son Kiefer was diagnosed about 4 years ago with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. It’s the worst kind there is. While we still battle our moments of sadness, he is still active and you wouldn’t really notice it until you watched him run. Anyway, earlier this winter he, out of the blue, said he wanted to play baseball this year. I was really surprised. He had never expressed that interest before.

We joined a local Little League team this spring and I have had the opportunity to help coach. But mainly I just stick with him and help him through. During one of the practices he got hit while batting … he had never hit or caught a ball before in his life. He cried and didn’t want to bat again. Up until last night we had played about 5 games and he had yet to bat. After talking with him last week he made the decision he was going to bat on Thursday (last night).

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