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Tips for the Youth Baseball Parent-Coach

For some parents it can be extremely difficult to turn the baseball instruction on and off. Remember to draw a clear distinction between parent-coach and child-player.

Coaching your own children can be one of the most rewarding experiences for a parent. Yet it can be nerve-wracking.

While on one hand coaching your child gives you the ability to spend more time with him or her and allows you to watch the interaction with other kids in a team-oriented atmosphere, assuming the role of a youth baseball coach can be quite stressful on both the parent and the child.

One of the more painstaking tasks involved with coaching a youth baseball team that your child is on is making sure he or she is a part of the team. 

Parents, and in some cases, others players on the team, will feel and make comments that your child is receiving preferential treatment based on where they hit in the lineup or what position they play in the field simply because they are the child of the coach.

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