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MLB Fan Alice Roth Gets Hit Twice in the Same Game

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On this day, in 1957 MLB fan Alice Roth gets hit twice in the same game


  August 17, 1957

Sport: Baseball


Richie Ashburn fouls and hits fan Alice Roth twice in the same game. First foul ball broke her nose, second hit her in the knee.

Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Richie Ashburn fouled successive pitches down the third-base line, with each striking Alice Roth, a fan attending the game with her two grandsons, during a matchup with the New York Giants at Connie Mack Stadium in Philadelphia on Aug. 17, 1957. The first foul ball hit Roth in the face, breaking her nose. As Roth was being taken away on a stretcher by medical personnel, Ashburn fouled off the next pitch, which struck Roth in the leg, breaking a small bone near her knee.

Although both of Roth’s grandsons were upset after witnessing the events, 8-year-old Preston noticed the first foul ball had been retrieved by a man sitting in front of them. When he asked the man if he could have the ball, the man flatly refused to hand over the souvenir. The day was not a complete loss for the boys, however, as they received free tickets to another game, a tour of the clubhouse, baseballs and autographs from the Phillies.

Ashburn felt terrible about the incident and brought Roth flowers while she was recovering in the hospital. Ashburn’s connection to Roth, who was the wife of Philadelphia Bulletin Sports Editor Earl Roth, continued after his playing career ended. He periodically wrote columns for the Bulletin while serving as a broadcaster for the Phillies.

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