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Making the Most of Your Off-Season

Ultimately, it’s up to us to take our profession and the pressing strength and conditioning questions of our day, put them on the prowler, and start pushing it forward to the next generation of coaches.

From 2002 until 2010 my off-season revolved around an indoor track, and a loud, windowless sweat cave that we called a weight room. Next to game day, this was my favorite part of being an athlete, and probably what lead me, and possibly most strength and conditioning coaches into our profession. The idea of finding that competitive edge while bonding with your friends and teammates is something I still miss.

Now, with the Reds, the closest I get to that are the 4 am lifts during spring training in which almost every coach participates before the workday begins.  As for the off-season, it’s quite different. During my early years in pro baseball, I went into the off-season with two main priorities: keep in touch with my players and spend as much time as possible with my wife. 

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