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Maine Voices: Coaches Should Serve Some Time Behind the Plate

Baseball Umpire

Making a prospective coach spend a season as an official before qualifying for a license would solve more than one problem in youth sports.

As someone who has coached and officiated baseball, soccer and basketball since the late 1970’s, I thought Ron Kramer’s “Maine Voices” piece regarding youth sports reaching a potential tipping point due to a lack of qualified officials was relevant, eloquent and accurate. Those currently serving as referees and/or umpires will indeed “age out;” some, like me (and, I gather, Mr. Kramer) will do so sooner rather than later.

Re-stocking the officiating pool is indeed an issue, thanks largely to the all-too-often accurate perception that far too many involved “adults” cannot or will not behave appropriately, and routinely disrespect those officiating their children’s athletic contests.


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