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Keeping Injured Players Involved

While baseball is a relatively safe game to play, injuries may still occur

However, like so many other aspects of sports, injuries provide what we at Positive Coaching Alliance call "teachable moments" -- opportunities to use misfortune or adversity to teach life lessons and cultivate character.

Injuries can be difficult not just because of necessary changes to the lineup and game strategy, but also because baseball is the center of many children's lives. They can feel a deep sense of loss without the ability to practice and play in games. They may feel isolated and may blame themselves for disrupting family plans that may have been built around baseball.

One of the most important things coaches can do to help injured players through these challenges is to redirect the physical and emotional energy that injured players previously brought to practice and games. The key is to keep injured players involved in the team.

Forced idleness is a great opportunity for players to view baseball differently than they do while playing. You can develop "player coaches" by helping them observe and note on-field technical skills and opponents' defensive shifts.

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