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The Intricate Practices of a Pitcher

Pitchers do a whole lot more than pitching just so they can keep doing their job. They participate in detailed offseason regimens that focus on rest, strength training and endurance. They play long toss and throw warm ups. They ice their arms, but only for a certain amount of time. Even young athletes must deal with a complex system aimed at preserving health and also optimizing ability. It’s a tricky balance for a veteran, let alone a beginner.

Coaches have the responsibility of teaching their young athletes about best practices when it comes to pitching. Throwing curveballs or lifting weights at too young of an age can lead to injury. Tossing too many pitches in a practice or a game can have costly ramifications. With sports team websites, coaches can clearly outline some of the best methods for an up and coming pitcher. By adhering to strict guidelines, youngsters can develop their game and stay healthy as well.

Cardinals pitcher takes advantage of offseason

After a stellar 2013 season, Michael Wacha, pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals, had a humbling following act. According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Wacha had a stress reaction in his right shoulder in 2014. However, in the early stages of spring training, things are looking up for the new season. Wacha has slightly altered the release of his curveball and is already looking forward to a bounce-back year.

“The ball is coming out right and I’m happy with that,” Wacha told the news outlet. “I want to continue to get stronger during spring training, getting all of those pitches back, getting the command down. I felt good. I feel strong when I’m on the mound. The arm has been bouncing back well, something that I’m really happy with at this point.”

Phillies prospect develops pitching arsenal

According to The Morning Call, Philadelphia Phillies pitching prospect Ken Giles used to have not much else to depend on aside from a 100 mile per hour fastball. While that’s not a bad fallback, hitters in the big leagues can catch up to that speed. However, over the offseason, Giles develop a hard slider and has since become a dependable option for the rebuilding Phillies.

“He’s a guy right now that I have confidence in in any situation late in the game,” manager Ryne Sandberg told the news outlet. “He was lights out. He has a really good attitude about him. He’s a pitcher who likes to win and shows a lot of emotion on the mound.”

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