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After Beating Cancer, Baytown Boy Inspires Youth Baseball Teams

“Probably the main thing that I think of is having fun in a game. Don’t worry about losing. It’s just about having fun,”

Sports can teach kids some valuable skills but none is more important than how they treat one another. The life lesson has touched a lot of kids, coaches and parents in two Houston communities who were opponents during a recent baseball tournament.

Despite losing that tournament the Baytown Misfits came out champions thanks to the kindness of their rivals.  For example, the Misfits know practice makes perfect. With every swing, hit or catch the team is getting better. Ryan Irwin has earned his spot on the competitive team even though he’s new to the game.  “I just like it because it’s sporty, and fun,” Ryan said. “It’s about having fun. It’s a lot of running. It’s exercise. It’s good for your body.”

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